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About our Impress!™ Disks

Our Impress! disks are made with a special 3/16" thick, highly durable, BPA-free material. We think of them as beautiful little works of art in their own right! They sparkle in sunlight and make pretty Christmas ornaments when you're done baking with them! 

Please note that any cloudiness on the disks in no way affects the performance of the disks and pressing of cookies and is not a defect. It is an occasional occurrence in our manufacturing process and usually comes off with washing. Always hand wash your disks in warm soapy water before first use. 

To choose a proper disk size and for a list of presses we do and do not fit, please choose “Choosing Disk Size/Presses we DO and DO NOT fit” from our menu.

See our FAQ page for answers to common questions. 


















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