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Christmas fun!

This 8 Disk set includes: Gift, Candy Cane, Christmas Tree, Santa Face, Angel, Reindeer, Holly Leaves, and Stocking Disks.

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Advent Calendar Cutout and Spritz Cookie Display (made with disks from several sets)


Holly Leaves and Poinsettias Spritz Cookies (made with the Holly Leaves Disk from this set and Petunia and Lily Disks from the Flowers set)


Red Velvet Reindeer Sandwich Cookies (made with the Reindeer from this set and the Reindeer Head from the Gingerbread set)


Santa, Angel and Elf Cookies (made with the Santa Face and Fancy Angel disks from this set and the Elf Disk from Christmas Two set)


Peppermint Snowflake and Candy Cane Cookies (made with the Candy Cane disk from this set and Snowflakes disks)


For more recipes and decorating ideas see Susie the Disk Designer's Blog: Creative Cookie Press.

You'll find pressing and decorating techniques for many of our designs!