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Dogs, Paws, & Bones

Our newest set!


This set is great for baking adorable cookies or the bones and paws disks can be used to press dog treats!

We include 4 dog treat recipes with this set and any order of individuals.

Susie will be blogging a how to press dog treats blog soon!

Here are pictures of two of the dog treat recipes: Cheddar-n-Parsley Breath Biscuits and Sweet Potato & Peanut Butter Treats

cheddar-n-parsley-dog-breath-biscuit-made-with-a-cookie-press-2017-impress-bakeware-llc.jpg  sweet-potato-peanut-butter-dog-treat-made-with-a-cookie-press-2017-impress-bakeware-llc.jpg

Cookies in plain dough: