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Why don’t you use metal disks instead of the thicker acrylic disks which would be much thinner?

It is not cost-effective. The tremendous cost to produce metal disks instead of the plastic we currently use would honestly prevent us from even being in business. Our unique disk materials are a result of our desire to make the widest selection of shapes available. Metal disks require expensive punch-press dies that would make having over 200 shapes cost-prohibitive, especially given that this is a niche market. Using our BPA-free, food grade materials allows us the manufacturing flexibility and pricing to compromise between affordability and the high cost of many designs.

We understand that metal would make fitting our disks much easier for you and for us! If it were cost-effective we would use metal, but we are a small family run business, not a large international corporation that could absorb such a cost. By choosing plastic, we are doing our best to bring you the finest quality disks in the largest number of designs possible!

Can I purchase your disks locally at a Retail Store?

No.  Our disks are only available through us on our website or Amazon.

Is any other online company authorized to sell your product?

No. We are the only Official Impress Bakeware™ Company selling our products.  We have no affiliation with any other company nor do we condone any unauthorized selling of our products for more money than what our Official Company sells them for. We cannot control what others sell or for how much, but be aware that we are the only legitimate Impress Bakeware™ Company.

Will you create a custom disk for me?

We are unable to do so as the number of hours of designing and testing is cost-prohibitive. Each of our disks takes a great deal of time to get right, taking from days to weeks to perfect. Not everything that can be drawn will press dough correctly. Some of our designs have taken dozens of redesigns and re-test-pressings to get right. Obviously we cannot afford that process for individual custom disks.

Will you create or offer disks of my favorite cartoon or animated character, logo or mascot, etc?

No. Because of copyrights we cannot use other companies’ characters or logos. To do so requires licensing agreements with large corporations, the legalities of which can be expensive and time consuming.

Do you offer customization of sets?

No. Given our manufacturing and packaging processes and the number of orders we receive, customizing sets is simply not possible. How our sets are offered is the only way you can purchase them.

Why have you implemented a price increase on all of your products?

Since we initially made our products available to the public we have not made any pricing changes until now.  Over the last couple of years we have seen our production, manufacturing and material costs steadily rise.  It was necessary at this time to implement a price increase to accommodate the growing cost of doing business.

Our product is a unique, specialty, boutique-type item, designed and manufactured in the USA by our small, family-owned and operated company. Unlike large corporations who manufacture their products overseas for pennies on the dollar, we choose to make our disks here in the USA.

We hope you appreciate the care that we pour into every disk. Each was hand-drawn from the start, and prototype tested in the kitchen over and over until it met our standards. These disks truly are born from a love of cookie pressing and a desire to let others get creative with their presses.

Why has the price for shipping increased?

We have never charged you more than the actual cost USPS charges us to ship your product.  Nor have we ever added any processing or handling fees to our charges. Any price increase in shipping is directly proportional to the increases that USPS has implemented to its shipping prices.

Do you have a storage box for my disks?

Not yet but we hope to offer them in the future.

Where can I buy the little eyes I see in your pictures?

We get the tiny candy eyes from an online company called The Baker's Kitchen™:   http://www.thebakerskitchen.net/Sugar-Candy-Eyes.aspx

What do you color your dough with?

We suggest using a food coloring gel or paste instead of regular liquid food coloring.  Using the liquid can change the consistency of the dough.

What are your disk sizes and thickness?

We offer two sizes of disks.  Size (M) disks are approximately 1.92 inches and size (P) disks are approximately 1.97 inches.  We do not make any disk larger than 2 inches. Our disks are made with a special 3/16" thick, highly durable, BPA-free plastic material; USA made and produced.

Where do you ship to?

We ship within the continental United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.  We also ship to the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, as well as, Canada.

Will you Rush my order?

We do not offer any type of Rush, Overnight or Express shipping for our products.  It is simply not a cost effective method of shipment for our products. No exception.

At this time we only ship by United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority flat rate only.

How quickly do you ship out orders after the order is received?

We will ship within 2 to 3 days after we receive the order. (However during the busy Holiday season we usually ship daily.)  Once your order ships you will receive a confirmation of shipment along with a tracking number to track your order.

Do you take phone orders?


Do you offer a product exchange if I choose the wrong size?

Yes! We have always offered a one-time disk exchange to make sure you are happy with your product and able to press.