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A whole bouquet of creative possibilities!

This 8 disk set includes: Iris, Tulip, Petunia, Pansy, Daffodil, Orchid, Carnation, and Lily Disks.

There are also 4 other flower disks in other sets: The Flower Bouquet in the Wedding Set, Mums in the Thanksgiving Set, Rose 1 in the Valentine's Set, and Rose 2 in the Wedding Set, as shown below.


The Lily and Petunia Disks double for Poinsettias in this Christmas blog post:

Holly Leaves and Poinsettias Spritz Cookies (made with the Holly Leaves Disk from this set and Petunia and Lily Disks from the Flowers set)



Cheesy, airy, flavor-packed pressed cheddar crackers make a great snack! (see recipes)


For recipes and decorating ideas see Susie the Disk Designer's Blog: Creative Cookie Press.


You'll find pressing and decorating techniques for many of our designs!