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Pressing Mashed Potatoes

How to press Mashed Potatoes with our disks

When pressing mashed potatoes as a garnish, simply boil your potatoes as usual, and mash. Then before adding any other ingredients, set aside the amount you want to press first, before adding any large amounts of milk, butter, broth, or whatever add-ins you use. Begin adding those to the potatoes to be pressed only very slowly, in small amounts, until a stiff but pressable consistency is achieved. (It helps if you have made spritz cookies in the past so you are familiar with the right consistency that pressing requires.) Then you can soften and flavor your remaining potatoes as desired.

To press the potatoes, simply spoon them into the press barrel, avoiding creating any air pockets as you pack the barrel. Press the potatoes onto a cookie sheet, then let them sit for 5 minutes or so, then remove them with a buttered spatula, wiping the spatula clean in between shapes.

Mashed Potato Christmas Trees pressed on roast beef   Mashed Potatoes pressed on Thanksgiving turkey

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Snowflakes pressed mashed potatoes



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