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Snowflakes One


Let it snow! Make beautiful, delicate cookies with our customer-and company- favorite disks!

This 6 disk set includes the snowflakes 1 through 6 disks.

There are two blog recipe posts that feature the Snowflakes Disks:

Sparkling Almond Spritz Snowflakes:


Colorful Iced Snowflake Spritz Cookies:


Press so much more than cookies!

Press decorating icing onto cupcakes for a beautiful presentation at a winter party!

(see recipes)


Press mashed potatoes onto your holiday or winter dishes!

Just press on a cookie sheet & lift with buttered spatula onto meats, plates, shepherd's pies, etc! (see recipes)


For recipes and decorating ideas see Susie the Disk Designer's Blog: Creative Cookie Press.

You'll find pressing and decorating techniques for many of our designs!