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Troubleshooting Tips & Techniques

Our basic tips


  • Use our soft, smooth-pressing dough recipes to make your cookie pressing easy & fun!
  • All of our recipes are available online! 
  • Never use store-bought dough or any dough with chunky add-ins. Smooth, soft “Spritz” type dough works best.
  • FOR “ONE CLICK PER COOKIE” TYPE PRESSES, please note that you may need to adjust to MORE OR LESS THAN ONE CLICK. Each disk design is unique and extrudes a different amount of dough! With practice, you can “feel” the dough as it presses onto the cookie sheet. After a few test cookies (that may get thrown back in the dough bowl!) to check for how much pressure to use, you’ll get the hang of it. Have a little patience and keep it fun. 
  • If your cookies are pressing too big and losing their shape, use less pressure and extrude less dough. If they are coming out in incomplete shapes, add a little more pressure. Experiment! Even the most experienced pressers throw a few blobs of dough back in the bowl!
  • Try to press in a consistent rhythm for best results, and don’t allow your dough to get too warm or dry out. Putting dough in the refrigerator should be avoided, as it becomes too stiff to press. Room temperature (not too hot) dough is always best!
  • Impress! Bakeware™ is not responsible for damage to presses. Always use soft dough and never push your press past its ability.
  • Please note that any cloudiness on the disks in no way affects the performance of the disks and pressing of cookies and is not a defect. It is an occasional occurrence in our manufacturing process.


  • Cookie presses are designed to extrude dough onto a cookie sheet. The cookies do not "fall" out of the press, rather, you must hold the press to the cookie sheet and press the dough till it sticks to the surface and properly forms its shape.
  • It is not unusual for the first few shapes to come out irregularly. Simply wipe them from the sheet and re-use the dough. 
  • To ensure that your cookies stick properly, always use a regular cookie sheet, never use a non-stick pan. Never grease the cookie sheet!


Come visit the Creative Cookie Press Blog for so much more! You will find many recipes with detailed photographs and tips.


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