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Perfect for bridal showers or the big day itself!

This 9 disk set includes: Wedding Rings, Double Heart 2, Flower Bouquet, Dove, Diamond Ring 1, Wedding Dress, Wedding Bells, Rose 2, and Wedding Cake 1 disks. (In the above picture they are decorated with edible pearlescent dust. See blog recipes.)

We added two new disks to the set! Flower Bouquet and Wedding Dress. (Wedding cake 2 was removed)


Our Wedding Cookie Press Cookies blog has one of our finest, most unique recipes:

"Edible pearlescent dust adds flair and elegance to these incredibly easy-to-make cookies. This recipe is based on a simple classic cookie, the Mexican wedding cookie (or Russian tea cake). I didn’t roll them into balls per tradition, I pressed them into lovely wedding themed shapes."



How the set presses in plain undecorated cookies:


Looking for something sweeter and richer? Press Choloate Truffles!

They're easy, delicious, and make for a unique, elegent presentation. (see recipes)


For recipes and decorating ideas see Susie the Disk Designer's Blog: Creative Cookie Press.

You'll find pressing and decorating techniques for many of our designs!